When we decided it was time to add another lab to our family, I did endless amounts of research to find a new hunting partner and most importantly a great family member for our house. Bourbon Country Retrievers gave us that option with our puppy Bailey and we could not be any happier with how she has turned out. Speaking with Duce and Jackie you know how much they care about their dogs and that BCR is so much more than just a business for them, this is a passion, and they care about making the Labrador breed better. They are the type of people you exchange Christmas cards with and who love to see updates of how your puppy is doing. Duce is easy to get in touch with and always willing to share his knowledge and information to ensure your puppy can reach their full potential. Bailey will be going off to training soon and while we will miss her so very much, I already know she will far exceed any expectations I had on the first day we picked her up. We are very appreciative of Duce and Jackie for helping us find our newest four-legged family member.


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