A Little Bit About Kix…

Gator Point’s Hard Workin Man QAA NDL  “Kix” is a rising star….   He was 4th on the 2020 National High Point Derby dog list with 29 points and three wins.  In addition he is QAA, winning a 51 dog Qualifying event at the age of two.   Kix is the son FC running with the Devil who was the 2001 High Point Derby dog.   His Grandad was FC AFC Dare to Dream (Cosmo) who earned his FC at 3 years of age.

The sire side of Kix’s  pedigree is strong but the dam side is just super impressive. There are  FC dogs running deep in the pedigree.  Hate to name drop but here are a few I think need mentioning.   FC AFC Hawkeye’s Candlewood Shadow, FC AFC Webshire’s Honest Abe (2003 Hall of Fame and producer of 73 FC Dogs) and 3x NFC, FC & AFC Candlewood’s Tanks A Lot (Lottie)  Lottie was inducted into the Retriever Hall of Fame in 1997 Lottie accumulated 189 All-Age points during her competitive career, 124 Open and 65 Amateur while winning the 1990, 91, and 93 National Open.

Fun Fact

Kix was 4th on the 2020 High Point Derby list with a total of 29 points and three wins.


Nickname: Kix

Real Name: Gator Points Hard Workin' Man

Color: Black - Chocolate Factored

Born: 03/05/2018

For Sale: No

EIC: Clear

CNM: Clear

PRA: Clear

Dilute : Clear

OFA Hips: LR-246185G24M-VPI

OFA Elbows: LR-EL95101M24-VPI

OFA Eye Cerf: LR-EYE19421/24M-PI

AKC Registration Number: ISS05202004



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